Children’s Daily Devotionals

In an effort to help the kids stay up on our current lessons and provide a spiritual aspect to their days while off school for COVID-19, we are providing some short video lessons for your kids to watch and interact with.  Each day is its own video and Mr. Mark tried to make them in a format that would work for all kids ages, incorporating some fun videos and some of his “goofiness” here and there.  Enjoy!!

Special Note for Week of 5/18

Hey kids. Mr Mark got a chance to take a few days off with his family. No videos this week. Thanks for being so dedicated to watching the videos every day though, and thanks for understanding that he needs a few days to recharge.


Note:  These videos are designed for use by CBC children just for this emergency situation.  Some content included in these videos is copyrighted but is being used as it would during a children’s ministry here on-site, in which the use of the videos would comply and be encouraged by the developers.  These videos are not intended for public distribution.  While we would love to share them with everyone, we simply cannot.  Thanks for helping us control the copyright issues in this short-term emergency situation.