This is Sunday School like you’ve never seen!

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The Roots program is designed to provide deep biblical instruction in a VBS style environment.

Stop by the Roots Check In Desk when you enter before the service.  We will ask for some contact information and will give your child a name tag, with any allergies/medical concerns on it.  You will receive a matching label to present to the teacher when you pick up your child. 

Students start in the service for time with their parents in Praise and Worship.  About 20 minutes into the service they are dismissed to the Youth Room, past the main bathrooms in the back hallway, where they meet up with their teachers, enjoy a time of music and a lesson intro and then move to their classrooms.

From dismissal from the service until 11:30, the students receive a detailed, quality bible lesson, using the Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC), followed by three different sessions where the lesson is reinforced four times in ways that accommodate all different styles of learning.  The ABC curriculum takes the kids chronologically through the Bible, emphasizing the connection to Christ in every section of the Bible, Biblical Authority and the importance of apologetics (faith defense).

Sample Schedule:
9:20-9:40     Music/Intro
9:40-10:30   Bible Lesson
      10:30-10:50  Craft
      10:50-11:10   Snack
      11:10-11:30    Recreation


Questions about Roots?  Contact Mark Boyer, Director of Children’s Ministries.   570-433-3002