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7th-12th Grade Student Ministry

Bible Teaching. Music. Worship. Prayer. Games. Activities. Events.

Youth Group: Wednesdays 6:30p-8:00p / Sunday School: Sundays 10:30a-11:30a

Our Mission is to know God and make him known; by correctly teaching God’s word and equipping effective, life-long disciples of Christ.

Our Vision is to be used by God in the developing of leaders-whose primary concern is the spiritual, physical and social well-being of our youth; and to produce youth who believe in and strive to build their lives on Jesus Christ and the truths in God’s word, and desire to walk with him and to serve him and others with their lives, daily.

Our Cause is to unconditionally love students, to dive into their lives, to pursue them, to meet them where they are at, to listen to them. To minister to their spiritual, social, mental and physical needs in hope of leading them to the foot of the cross and encouraging them to COMMIT themselves to Christ and his message! Our cause is accomplished by one on one interaction, investment of time and energy, solid biblical teaching, events and activities that help break down walls and build trust and interaction!
More information?  Contact Ty Kanouff