Your Body is a Temple

A Call to Action- “Glorify God in your body.”

1 Corinthians 6:19-20-  19 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, 20 for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.  
When Paul wrote this to the church of Corinth, he was speaking directly to the problem of sexual immorality, which had pervaded their culture, much like our modern western culture.  However, the principal is the same for many different kinds of sin, or I would even argue ALL sin.  There are some sins that we attempt to hide from everyone, even God.  Obviously, we know that isn’t possible, but just as Adam and Eve hid, we too hide.  There are other sins, or really the effects from those sins, that we cannot hide no matter how much we try.  If you struggle with gluttony, you know what I mean.  One sin that I personally struggle greatly with is gluttony and I wear the physical effects of it on my body, for all to see.  It is my greatest embarrassment because it is probably my most “visual” sin. 
Side note:  Not everyone that is “large” suffers with gluttony and I don’t want to insinuate that.  We are not all designed exactly the same and our metabolisms can be quite different.  In my case, I was thin for years and know that my weight problem is a direct result of my sinful actions when it comes to eating.  Whether or not you are overweight, and why that is, the point of this is treating your body as a temple for the Holy Spirit.  Don’t beat yourself up, but if this is a sin issue for you, now is a great time to repent (acknowledge the sin and turn away from it).
I’ve tried, and sometimes temporarily succeeded, to conquer this problem.  Both times that I’ve lost considerable pounds (50+), I did it because I had friends and family encouraging me along the way, even working out with me.  Both times that I “arrived” at the weight goal I had set, I slowly became complacent and slipped the weight back on, plus more.  This time is different, Lord willing, but I don’t want to do it just for me.  I want to bring my brothers and sisters at CBC along with me. I want this to be about Glorifying God and not about just getting thinner.  
Here’s what I’m proposing:
This will be as much a spiritual journey as it is a physical one.  The point is that we should be treating our bodies as temples for the Holy Spirit.  I don’t care if you walk, swim, lift, jog, play a sport, whatever.  The point is that we are refocusing the purpose for our bodies from “us” to “Him”.  Remember, “You are not your own……you were bought with a price.”  Along the way, each week, I will be posting blogs/devotionals that are meant to encourage, challenge and inspire.  For the physical part, I will be registering for at lease one 5k this year (date tbd), and I’d love it if you’d join me, even if you just walk.  Before you close this page and say “forget it!  I don’t run.”, just stick with me on this.  Registering for a 5k doesn’t mean you have to run a 5k.  It would just be a great opportunity for us to join together and affirm that we’ve rededicated our bodies to be TEMPLES TO GOD.  What better than to do it publicly and share that testimony to the lost? 
Here’s what I’m doing to get in shape, well…..other than round, but feel free to adjust anything to fit your interests, body limitations, etc.  I’m using two apps on my phone that will help me to train for this.  The first is myfitnesspal, which is a website you can access on your computer that also has an app version.  Myfitnesspal helps you to track your calorie intake, weight, exercise and water consumption.  It can be linked to other apps, scales, fitness watches, etc. so that it automatically tracks your exercise while you do it.  I’ve found that if I don’t log everything, I fail.  It also can work a little like a social media tool, in that we can “friend” each other, so that we can all update each other to our progress (you can program how much information is automatically shared with friends), be accountable to each other and encourage each other.  The second app that I am using is 5k runmeter, which is an app for your phone.  There are others that are very similar (couch to 5k, etc.)  This app takes you through a 10 week training program that will advance you from no running experience to jogging at your own pace in a 5k (3.1069 miles).  It gradually moves you from walking to jogging in a systematic fashion.  If you can’t run, or don’t like to run, that is fine.  Do whatever works for you, but stick with it, and let’s still do the 5k (running or walking) together so there is a public testimony and outreach aspect to all this. 
I’ll be starting a facebook group that will be sort of our headquarters.  I’ll use that as a hub for sharing the weekly devotionals, encouraging the group, opening up conversations and for updating everyone in general.  If you are anti-facebook, I understand and I’ll also share the same information on myfitnesspal so that anyone that is my “friend” there can see it.  We won’t be setting group goals for losing a specific amount of weight, like “we will lose 1 ton together” or “we’ll lose a car’s worth of weight”.  Those gimmicks are fun, but this isn’t about weight and I don’t want us to lose focus on building TEMPLES.  Some of you don’t need to lose weight, but might not be as healthy as you should be.  Others, like me, have a goal of losing 100lbs.  This isn’t just a “Biggest Loser” competition, it is a spiritual journey toward following God’s plan for our lives.
What now?
EVERYONE, watch the bulletin for updates.  If you are on facebook, send me a friend request so that I can invite you to the new facebook group and watch the church facebook page for updates.  Everyone, please register on myfitnesspal too.  When you do, search for markboyer1221 and request to be my friend.  Finally, INVITE SOMEONE TO JOIN US.  They don’t have to be from CBC and they definitely don’t have to even be a believer.  What better way to introduce the Gospel than to explain how although we repent of our sins, Christ has already paid the price for our sins, and why our bodies are supposed to be temples of the Holy Spirit!  This could be a great tool for introducing someone to Christ.