Guidelines for Sunday’s Service


Service Plans

We will begin at 9:00am and 11:00 am in the Worship Center and online by 9am. 

In the very near future, livestreaming beginning at 9:00am will replace the current recorded online services.

Services will continue to be recorded and made available beginning at 9:00am Sunday and to view any time after that.

When the 9:00am service is over please exit the building as soon as possible so those cleaning can begin preparing the worship center and other areas, in order to have the facility ready for the next service.

Bulletins will not be handed out for the foreseeable future.

Pre-registration before Sunday 5/24

Please pre-register online or call the church office for the service you wish to attend.

Pre-registration will also be available on our website for the foreseeable future.

When registering please be sure to fill in ALL [fields] on the registration form to ensure that we are able to accommodate the maximum number of people in the building in order to practice safe social distancing guidelines. (Please confirm with all family members who is registering for your family to avoid double bookings. This will ensure that the registration doesn’t shut down unnecessarily)

Once the seating limit is met, the registration will be closed. If the service you wish to attend is full, we encourage you to select the other service if it is still open, or as a reminder, the service will still be available to watch online by 9am.

What to Expect on Arrival

There will be no restriction on where to park. All entrances will be open as normal.

All entrances will be propped open on your arrival and when you exit to eliminate the need to touch door handles.

Greeters will be available to answer questions you may have upon entering.

Lobby Areas

We will keep areas as clear and open as possible to allow adequate space. Hand Sanitizers will be available in the lobby areas.


We are praising God that we can worship together in person, however, please, no handshakes, fist bumps or hugs for the foreseeable future.

We ask everyone to do their best to social distance during their time at the church building.

There will be hand sanitizer on site, however due to the limited supply we encourage everyone to bring your own hand sanitizer as well.

In order to protect those around you, the government guidelines strongly recommend wearing a mask though not required to attend the service.

Seating in Services

Families can and should sit together, please be sure to maintain 6ft between you and the next family or individual sitting on your particular row.


The first service will be led with hymns only.

The second service will be led by the Praise and Worship team.(This is to avoid the P&W team having to stay for two services)


We encourage you to use online giving, text via giving, or the offering wall box located in the Worship Center. Offering plates will be located at the exits of the worship center as an additional option. Offering plates will not be passed during the service.


The nursery will not be staffed but available during the 11:00AM service only.

The nursery will be locked during the 9AM service due to the limited time needed to adequately clean the room and all the items before the 11AM Service.

This requirement will be temporary until there is adequate staffing and procedures in place in order to minister safely and effectively in the nursery.

Sunday Morning Children/Youth/Joyful Abilities Ministries

There will be NO Roots, Youth Group and Joyful Abilities programs this Sunday. We will announce when these ministries are ready to relaunch.

Please bring a quiet activity for your young children. There are a limited number of “fun bags” for the kids in the lobby.

Food Service / Water Fountains

We will not provide snacks or coffee until further notice. If you desire coffee feel free to bring your own in your own cup. Water fountains will not be available for use. If you will need drink, please feel free to bring your own battled water.
Housekeeping Volunteers and Procedures
There is a need for volunteers to help with wiping down the pew’s hard surfaces, door handles in the Worship Center, bathrooms, etc. after the first service is over. Gloves and cleaner that is proven to kill COVID-19 will be available.
We will section off every other pew and use the alternate pews for the second service.

For the safety of others, if you have any concerns or health issues, we recommend you remain at home and watch our online services which will continue airing at 9:00am.

We are really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Thank You!