God is Eternal

Psalm 90:2

God has been there all along. God existed before plants, animals and people…before the earth and the universe! God had no beginning and he will have no end. God has always been and will always be. God exists from everlasting past to everlasting future. There never was and never will be a time when God is not.


God is Self- Existent

Acts 17:25

God exists by his own power. He does not require food, water, air, sleep or light…or a thousand other things. God needs nothing, whereas everything else that exists depends on God for everything!


God is Spirit

John 4:24

God is spirit and does not have a physical body, made of flesh and bones. When we look at another human, we only see their ‘house’, that is; their human body…we don’t actually see the real person, the spirit within. Man’s spirit starts at a point in time and then lives on forever. Whereas, God never had a beginning and will never have an end. He is the only true eternal spirit.


God is The Most High

Psalm 83:18

God is the absolute Supreme Being and ruler over all the universe. He is sovereign and has all power, all knowledge, all authority and ability to rule over all.  


God Alone is God

Isaiah 45:5, 44:6

There is no hierarchy of gods, whether real, created or imagined, with one big God ruling over all of them. There is only one God, he is the God revealed clearly in the Bible. This one true God goes by the many names that he has given us…each name highlighting something special about his nature. Over time, many of these names will be introduced to us…like I AM, The Lord, The Most High, and in Hebrew…Yahweh, Jehovah…


God Created the Spirit World

Revelations 5:11
Psalm 103:20-21

God created an innumerable amount of angelic spirit beings. The Bible uses various terms to define these special beings: angels, cherubim, seraphim, archangels, morning stars and the heavenly hosts…They may all have personal names, but only a few are mentioned, such as Gabriel, Michael & Lucifer. These spirit beings were created to serve God and to do his will. The word angel means messenger or servant.


God Owns His Creation

Psalm 24:1
Ezekiel 28:14-15

Because God created these spirit beings, they belonged to him and they were to do whatever he asked them to do. God displayed his love for creativity & diversity in the creation of these beings …by creating them with various beauty, power & tasks. The most powerful, intelligent and most beautiful of these beings was a cherub named Lucifer. 


Creation Should Worship the Creator

Psalm 103:20-21
Revelations 4:11
Lucifer’s role kept him near the presence of God at all times…possibly representing the rest of the angels…or leading them in worship & praise of their Creator. If any of these spirit beings had a reason to be thankful and a reason to offer that thanksgiving back to God through glad worship, it was Lucifer.

God is Omnipotent

Jeremiah 32:17

God has all power & ability to do whatever God wants to do…whenever he wants to do it! There is nothing which God could want to do or wish to stop/thwart in which he finds himself without the power or ability to do.  God instantly & effortlessly has superior power over the collective sum of the power of anything else in all the universe. 

God is Omniscient

Psalm 147:5, 139:2-4

God has all knowledge. God knows all things actual, all things probable & all things possible. There is nothing which God does not know. The fact that it is knowable is owing to the fact that God already knows it and has allowed us to also know it. God has all wisdom. He knows all things rightly or correctly.

God is Omnipresent

Psalm 139:7-10

God is ever present, everywhere, instantly and simultaneously. There is nowhere that God is not. There is nowhere you can go where God has not already been from eternity past and will be unto eternity future.

God Creates

Psalm 33:6, 18:30

God created the heavens and the earth…the sun, moon and stars and billions of known galaxies simply by speaking.  God, created everything simply from his spoken word. Only an omniscient & utterly omnipotent God could do such a thing!  God made all things good. Everything that God made was made perfectly & precisely with all wisdom in order to function properly.   

God Fills

Psalm 19:4-6
Lamentations 3:22-23

God continued to speak…filling the world & the universe which he had just created. Galaxies were filled with stars. Seas and sky were filled with all sorts of fish and birds. The land exploded with all kinds of animals & vegetation! Everything The Lord made reveals a wise and caring Master Designer. The universe ticks with the precision of an atomic clock.

God Cares

Matthew 5:45

God could have created all fruits to taste the same and all flowers with a pungent smell. Instead, he created them all with an endless variety of sights, sounds, tastes & textures. God does not need any of the millions of things he made. The fact that he made them displays his great care & concern for his prized creation who will need these things.

God Rules

Psalm 103:19

God not only created the world flawlessly, but he also created it with governing laws and order. Universal laws such as the law of gravity or inertia and a hundred others, rule the world. To walk near the edge of a cliff and to defy the law of gravity would guarantee devastating consequences. The world was created also with spiritual or moral laws. To ignore/rebel against The Lord’s spiritual laws would also result in serious consequences.

God Forms

Genesis 1:26-27

God (as Father, Son & Spirit) decided to make a special being; one distinct from the angels & animals…A being that would share in his very likeness. Mankind would have a mind, emotions & will but most importantly they would have the ability to use those capacities to willfully reflect the nature of God. At the apex of what it means to be made in the image of God, is that this man & woman had what God had…holiness, moral perfect and the ability to intimately relate with God in friendship.  

God Instructs

Genesis 1:26-30, 2:15-17

Just as The Lord owned the angelic spirits being whom he created…He also owned the man & woman…and they were to do whatever he asked them to do. Just as The Lord did not leave it up to the sun to determine when it should rise & set…He did not leave it up to the man & woman to decide what they should & should not do!

The Lord told Adam & Eve (1) to care for & cultivate the garden that he placed them in, (2) to rule over the animal kingdom and (3) to be fruitful, to multiply and fill the whole earth.  Finally, The Lord told them that if they were to continue to enjoy his friendship & live in his presence they must not eat from a specific tree in the center of the garden.

The man & woman were to live in glad submission to The Lord, by; (1) walking in obedience to his instruction and (2) trusting his good intentions for their lives. The man & woman were warned that failure to trust & obey The Lord in this way would result in their death.