Coronavirus Posts

March 16, 2020

But I missed church today!


         As we face the first day of our self imposed closing of church, our minds can quickly go to wondering about some of the following:

                        Is it showing a lack of faith to close?

                        What is my worship really based upon?

                        If we only do this for two weeks how will it help?

            As leaders we consider some of the same questions that you do and yet when we are perplexed, all we have to do is stop and consider what is really happening.  First of all our faith remains strong in the One who has the past, present and future in His hands.  One of the small groups at CBC has been studying Ecclesiastes and most recently have focused upon the truth that God is not surprised by anything that is happening to us.  This is not a turn in the road that He now has to navigate us through or out of.  We are exactly where He knows we are, not lost, not even detoured….but remain in the palm of His hand.  In the past we have closed for snow and even mistakenly closed when we thought it was going to snow but didn’t.  We miss not worshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  I’m reminded of the underground church throughout the world who will not be closed for a possible two weeks but closed is their normal.  Might we take this opportunity to remind ourselves of how blessed it is to live in a country where we have the choice to be open or closed, have the freedom to worship openly and realize that these couple of weeks are temporary rather than a permanent new normal.

            One of the portions of our worship at church, inside of the building, is offering.  Whether it is weekly or some other time division, we sometimes don’t realize how important this portion of our worship is to the rest of the body.  Cancelling a morning service causes very little change in the financial needs of CBC.  Our missionary’s needs, local ministries expenses and daily costs go on and we need to be reminded that there are many ways to continue our giving through this time of closing.  Perhaps you haven’t explored our online giving options or considered that it may be difficult for the church to meet its expenses when a plate passed offering is not available.  Our office will be open throughout this time and dropping your offering in the mail is a quick way of helping.  Some would say that this is not the time to be “preaching” about funds.  We believe that our body, you all, are not offended by being reminded that the bills will continue to need to be paid and a simple reminder like this is not being pushy.

            For right now, we look at this condition of not meeting as a group as temporary.  We ask that you continue to pray for our country as it navigates through these serious times.  We are reminded by scripture that we are to be the “salt and light” in this world.  Let’s look for those opportunities that we have in front of us to show the world what a love relationship with Jesus Christ can look like.  He has it all under control.


March 15, 2020

With not having our regular service this morning, we wanted to post a few thoughts regarding the corona-virus situation sweeping our country. Most of us are probably very cognizant of this issue and are likely watching all the discussion on TV.
As the Governor of New York said recently, the fear this situation is producing may be worse than the virus itself! So, it might be good to remind oneself of what we have learned from the experts. There is constant news on the TV of how this virus is working, who is most at risk and why, etc. We surely need to take the proper precautions that the experts are asking us to do – attempt to be careful avoiding contact with this virus where known, and if we contact it stay away and avoid passing it along. And, if a person comes down with fever and cough symptoms in these days, stay isolated and contact your Dr. for advice!
As believers in Jesus – the Almighty Sovereign of the universe – We are convinced that we all want our response to this situation to reflect what we say we believe. We definitely accept the scientific facts of this virus and will treat it the way the scientists and doctors suggest. At the same time, we want to lean on the Lord at times like this – God does not want us living with a spirit of fear.
II Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
It is at times like this we need to lean on the Spirit of God who indwells us and ask Him help us have a sound mind not wrapped up in fear and panic. Ask God for the ability to not allow fear to take over and dominate us or drive us to extremes! As someone said, don’t worry about it, pray about it. By that we don’t mean ignore it, nor do we mean take it lightly. But, we want to be Children of God who lean on our Father! A few weeks ago we saw how the early Church looked at prayer in their world. When hard times appeared, they turned to prayer. As this situation continues – being Children of God, we need to go to Him, talk to Him about it, commune with Him, rest in Him knowing He knows! That is how we are able to live lives free of fear. Not free of being careful, not free of respecting the virus and what we can do to protect ourselves, but free of fear! God does not want us to live wrapped up in fear. He doesn’t give us fear – He gives us hope!
Remember: prayer is talking to God. Talk to Him about this situation, and if fear begins to grip your heart, talk to Him – He is the One who can dispel your fears as your rest in Him! The President has declared today; Sunday, March 15th a “National Day of Prayer” particularly regarding this corona-virus epidemic. Talking to God today about any fears you feel rising up, asking Him for wisdom for the country, our leaders, and the medical world, is very proper! And as we talk to Him, remembering that He knows all, and that He loves us, and that we can trust Him for a life free of fear in spite of the virus. And by the way, that is the kind of living that God often uses to draw others to Himself!
So, let’s walk with God in this situation. Let’s trust His work in our lives and know that no matter what – He is with us and will give us a sound mind, give us wisdom, free of fear as we go through these days! Let’s take the right precautions – such as not having services today – but bottom-line, we will lean on God and trust Him in all this.
We will be in touch more as the week unfolds and will keep you abreast of the plans at the Church. The office and the staff will be working and serving any and all who have need. Our expenses will continue as normal, and if you are able to continue your giving via internet or mail, it will be a big help! May the Lord give us all wisdom and peace in these days when the enemy would like to instill fear. Talk to God!
The Elders of CBC